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Procrastination & Blogging – Guest Post by Jaci

About a month ago I was asked to make a guest blog post. After agreeing (to something I can’t even do on my own blog consistently) I tried to come up with topics that I could cover without being redundant. I tossed around ideas on what to cover, some not so serious topics like: “how to apply makeup,” “what not to wear when shooting,” “how I fail at being a blogger,” “how to pick the wrong guys on dating websites,” etc.

So here I am, writing about how to procrastinate when a fellow photog friend wants you to be a guest blogger.

There are three main steps you must take in order to achieve this:

First, you must agree to something you really aren’t going to do (even if you believe you will… eventually), but you should act enthusiastic and willing to do what is requested of you.

Secondly, you will then put off and forget about said agreement. When asked if you’ve thought about a topic and when you’ll be posting you will brush it off and tell your photog friend that you’re still working on what to write about.

Lastly, you two will engage in an entertaining conversation pertaining to the agreement you had–after a month has already passed–and joke about silly topics, which lands you right where you are now- reading about procrastination and blogging.

There have been numerous times I’ve read photographers blogs and their recent post begins with “I’m so sorry it has been so long since the last time I’ve blogged!” Why apologize? I mean, let’s be serious, we just want to see your beautiful masterpieces, enough with the jibber jabber- get on with it!

We get it… you went out with this beautiful family who was absolutely amazing to work with and you can’t wait to get together again in the future! How many different ways must a photographer try and come up with what to say about every session when that is the jist of each session you’ll blog about? As a photographer your time with clients is always a blast (or rather, it should be), you’ve enjoyed yourself immensely (or at least we hope you did) and you’d also love for them to be returning clients in the future. What more is there to really say?

My tip to blogging is simple: let your images tell their story. Forget about posting a paragraph of nonsense and stressing over what you must come up with and if it will please your clients/readers. If your clients had a great time the images will be evidence to all of the good times had and memories you’ve helped them create to save for a lifetime.

Jaci is an educated on location, natural light photographer in the Metro Detroit area! Her style is a little bit different and much more personal than a retail portrait studio. You can follow her on Facebook: JW Photography or Flickr: oneflashatatime.